Our Mission

My prime objective through JI Management is to reach out and help more businesses to grow through winning work from the Public Sector through my assisting them with the tendering process.

There is a wide range of work out there. Opportunities of all shapes and sizes, suitable for a variety of companies. There has been active reform of the process by the Scottish Government and a range of initiatives to makall of it much more simple. This includes the Scottish lead in developing the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD). This greatly eased the qualification process by standardising questions across different procurements.

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I’m delighted to be associated with the free training available through the Supplier Development Programme being engaged to deliver this by way of their regular Webinars

These courses are great starting blocks but alone are not enough to ensure business owners can target the right sorts of opportunities. More importantly, none of them provide hands-on assistance when you need it most, generating and managing your  Tender Response.

I have direct experience of the evaluation process, and of the pitfalls that can be encountered, this enables me to steer you safely through the procurement process at all levels, from Quick Quote to OJEU. This will give your bids a leading edge in a competitive market.  I believe the needs of the customer to be of the utmost importance, so I’m  highly committed to meeting those needs in a cost-effective way.

Although I’m based in Helensburgh on the west coast of Scotland, I’m able to undertake work for Clients wherever it takes me always looking to ensure that I concentrate on developing solutions to your problems, which are right for you. 

Government Procurement at National and Local Authority levels exceeds £195 Billion annually (£11 Billion of that in Scotland). We can assist You to get your business into the right position to compete strongly for this work. By combining our Market and Procurement knowledge, with your Operational Expertise in delivering your business, we manage your bids for new contracts more effectively, and deliver winning results.