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Tendering Support

Failing to win work from tendering is a major cause of many small businesses being disillusioned by the whole process. However, most of these failures result from chasing work that was unsuitable in the first place.

We recognise that tendering involves time and effort and that it’s important to be selective on where you apply scarce resource. If you have identified a contract opportunity you think suits your business, call us for a no-nonsense assessment of the effort involved and whether we believe it makes sense for you to pursue it and submit that PQQ or Tender.

This will cost you nothing and, at the very least, will save you wasted time and effort, not to mention the disappointment of failing. We can help you identify better suited opportunities and assist with setting your goals to target them.

Where an identified opportunity has a fighting chance of you being successful, we will work with you and develop a package of support that best meets your needs. With this in place we will help you deliver on time and build a bid that stands out from the rest of the crowd.

Talk to us at any stage of the process for some honest and friendly advice